Platez Ceramics

Providing chef’s with the highest quality ceramics.

Project overview

The main intentions for this project were to overhaul and establish the new brand aesthetic, complementing the handcrafted product and aligning the authenticity with the modern touch the brand stands for.

We took what Platez already had, the orange brand color and combined this with other colors to create a matching, modern brand aesthetic.

I also created a new logo for them that is easily stamped into their finalized products and further emphasizes their artisinal but modern brand.

Enhancing brand recognition

Platez Ceramics needed a consistent guideline to represent their brand online. Over the years they have grown a following, mainly on Instagram and one of their business goals was to give more value to their followers and more consistency in their communication, visually, to enhance brand recognition.

A one page web experience

The main intention of the new website was to provide more value to the visitors and Platez's clients by telling the story of the behind the scenes creation process. We explored multiple options, one of which was a 3D render that molded the clay to the finalized product, but this was out of budget. So we chose to go with simple images instead so we could still offer the visual experience next to the explanation.

Number 1 on search term “high tea in zeeuws-vlaanderen”

A circle chart describing the growth in google reviews over 6 months

16x increase in google reviews over the course of 6 months.

280% more online bookings.